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Shared care specialist Services

  • Ask us about How to link with our Telehealth Psychiatrists:  Available for adults and adolescents

We can help you with referrals to a Psychiatrist that best suits you, and arrange appointments so that you link with your Psychiatrist and your mental health clinician at our practice for shared consults

  •     Link with our telehealth Pediatrician and again have your consults via our practice and have your therapist sit in with consults. No long wait lists and have the benefit of feedback from your therapist on your child as well as follow up as requested by Pediatrician, by our therapists 

  •  We can provide referral for NDIS assessments for a Neuro-clinician  Occupational Therapist for adults and a visiting Occupational Therapist for Children 
  • Referral to Psychology clinic for the following assessment options 
  1. Cognitive assessment for children and adults $700
  2. Educational assessment for children $1200
  3. Adaptive skills assessment  $400
  4. Formal Behavioural assessment $400
  5.                       Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment $1500                                                           or if assessment and  funding application is required then cost is $1900   (for assessment process, a speech pathology report, hearing & vision tests need to have been done as well within the last 12 months   
Some of the assessment process can be done via telehealth or via our therapists; such as parent interview for ASD assessment and behavioural assessments

Cognitive assessments can be conducted in May 2021 and ASD assessment vacancies are available as of July 2021 

Contact us today for further details and prompt referral        

Also New as of April 2021

  • Adult Neuropsychology Services (over 18 years)
For adults with a history of alcohol & other drug misuse & or addiction

This service is for No-cost assessments in the following areas

  1. Cognitive assessment
  2. CT & MRI reports
  3. Psychiatric Neurological assessment
  4. Alcohol and other drug assessment
  5. AOD Substance treatment report
  6. GP/ Patient medication planning and reviews 

Waiting period depends on criteria 

Please contact us for referrals